A base school for the WWL Consortium Project

In March 2019, University of Tsukuba was selected for the WWL Consortium project, and Senior High School at Sakado, University of Tsukuba was assigned as a base school to carry it out. Following the accomplishments under the SGH (Super Global High school) project, the school continues to nurture leaders who can develop and support a sustainable international society.


Development Concept

“Construction of a system to raise leaders who can develop a sustainable society through international fieldwork”

The image of ideal leaders

Able to put forth solutions for SDGs challenges
Have broad view and expertise
Skilled in making innovations through blending various fields of studies
A bridge connecting the world leaders

Educational research practices on the SGF (Super Global High School) project

For five years beginning in 2014, our school was a SGH (Super Global High School) certified by the Ministry of Education. Though this program we have developed and delivered high-quality educational curriculum to nurture global leaders who can contribute to the international society in collaboration with universities in Japan and overseas, companies and international institutions.

A task to be developed and researched
“Fostering global leaders who can create the sustainable ASEAN society on the basis of the advanced integrated course.”
Research Report
A brochure introducing a village in Indonesia