SG Class・IG Class

SG Class・IG Class

SG Class

We aim to foster global leaders who can evolve through learning at Tsukusaka, have broad perspective and expertise positively to affect the world, and are proactive learners and members of society.

Features of SG Class

Being an authorized International Baccalaureate school, we are able to provide programs where students can increase their value and broaden their view on their own, through overseas training and research.


Global Passport (GP)
Students work on specific issues from various points of view through collaborative learning.
Students cultivate their critical thinking skills, adopting concepts in Theory of Knowledge.
English B
Students learn English thought interactive and collaborative as guided by the IB methodology.
Overseas special training
Students are aware of global issues and aim to make a positive difference.

IG Class

Students find their own learning according to their own interests through the rich guidance such as “Industrial Society and Human Beings”. They can acquire attitudes and skills to plan their own future, find challenges and take action for them, and foster independent learning.