Creative Learning

Creative Learning

Global Learning at Tsukusaka

Through global education at Tsukusaka, students will develop effective communication skills, and increase abilities to formulate solutions to problems English skills are practically honed for three years by using English to further develop their interests in various social issues, as a springboard for learning. This also encourages them to be actively involved in looking for ways to create and promote and what kind of solutions they should find to make a sustainable society.

ASEAN Fieldwork (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia)
First graders go on a fieldwork in March. Each student chooses where to go from a number of destinations. This is a great opportunity where students can be aware of different challenges that cannot be found on the Internet or books, by communicating with local people in their everyday life.
Global life
Global issues are very much a part of our modern society, where everything is connected. At Tsukusaka, 1st graders take this class so that they can have a sense of ownership, think about their real-life problems globally, and embrace their global citizenship.
International Fieldwork
At a national park in Indonesia, students work on activities to make a future where people can live in harmony with nature, together with the students from our sister schools, Kornita Senior High School, Bogor Agricultural University and Senior High School of the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia. As a part of the WWL project, we also organize fieldwork in Australia.
Campus-in-Campus high school version
University of Tsukuba as a super global university promotes the project called “Campus-in-Campus”, where students, educators and researchers can interact and research together in coordination with partner universities and institutions in Japan and abroad. As a high school version of this project, we also cooperate with our partner school overseas and collaborate on conducting graduation research and international fieldwork together.

Creative learning

Creative learning at Tsukusaka

A big feature of education at Tsukusaka is attaining autonomy through various practices. Our students are able to reflect on the question “What do you want to be?” in a variety of situations. They proactively pursue what and who they are.

Industrial Society and Human Beings
Our students cultivate an ability to make decisions on what they need at different times, by learning about themselves and the society based on their relationships to others and their experiences.
Our students develop an ability to identify problems and assess possible solutions. The process also allows tem to gain management skills by making action plans for a social issues and carrying them out as part of a team.
Elective subjects as part of independent learning
At Tsukusaka, we provide a number of elective subjects and students discover their own learning style by taking various subjects. They are required to employ skills to assess themselves, and make judgements and decisions.
Graduation Research
Our students apply and improve skills in research by identifying which provide opportunities to hone critical thinking and analysis. This is an experience that trains students to become lifelong learners.